Jessie - Splash Point

Jessie is a chestnut filly with white markings by Lance out of Noble Cascade, Born in 1997, she is now over two years old and is a pretty filly, growing fast with good conformation and strong straight legs.
 She spends her day frolicking in the paddock and exploring the creek area with Hercules and our brood mares. A very clever horse, she can tell the time for tea, and every afternoon saunters up to her night paddock for her evening meal. . 
She is a quiet, quick learner but is still a little shy of anything new and wary of strangers. The farrier trims and shoes her front feet every month, and she wears a night rug on cool nights. .
Jessie has been broken in using the Pirelli gentling method, and has spent a few weeks at the track preparing for her racing career. After a summer holiday (seen here at her favourite pastime) she will again begin training under Bill Bennett (trainer).
Jessie has been hard at work at Gladstone Ractrack, in training for her first race.  She started in a Class 1 race, against horses with more race experience.  Her half sister, Freckle, beat her to the line, but Jessie was not disgraced and showed impeccable raceday manners. Jessie has had her second race session at the racetrack, and it wasn't the happiest of times for her.  We parted her from her mate, Hercules, and she pined for him.  She put herself on a diet and sulked. 
So, now, Jessie is at home again on the farm, and she is certainly happier (and fatter).
Updated 02 May 2001 By Sandie Hill
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