London Memories
Gardens at Kew and Hampton
Guards in bearskins at the Changing of the Guards at Buckingham Palace.

Admiralty Arch

South London from the London Eye. In the foreground the Imax Theatre round.

Changing the Guard parade outside Buckingham Palace.  The roads are closed each day for this parade.  Catch it about 11am British Summer Time,

Westminster Palace from the London Eye.  Big Ben in the right foreground, and the River Thames to the left.  The bridges of the Thames were all repainted for the Millenium celebrations and many other features were gilded in gold paint.( Big Ben clockface, Buckingham Palace gates).

Westminster Palace-the city view.

The Monument - reminder of the Great Fire of London. Its height represents the distance of the start of the fire from its base.  We searched quite hard to find this, as it was hidden amongst so many other buildings, as were some incredible tiny churches.

Millenium suspension bridge to enable walking across the river.  Open one day, closed the next - too much swinging. Unfortunately we were a couple of days too late to cross and so also missed the new Tate gallery on the  opposite bank of the river.
St Paul's Cathedral dome rising over the city.  Photo taken from the walkway between St Paul's and the new Millenium Bridge across the River Thames leading to the New Tate Gallery on the Southbank.

The London Millenium Dome on an island in the Thames, near Greenwich (the centre of all timekeeping).  This is an interactive lifestyle informational funpark, and is only to be operational for the year 2000.
London Eye - a superb fun trip for all who wish to see London from the air.  Moving slowly, it allows ample time to view the sites, to pick out landmarks.  Book ahead as it is extremely popular.

London Bridge- a magnificent structure to view and walk upon.  Disappointingly, the tower tours finish at a ridiculously early hour - and at 6.30pm we were too late (yet we still had three hours of daylight to enjoy). Instead we walked along the embankment, still packed with sunlovers and families and trekked across other bridges spanning the Thames.
Westminster Abbey, a solemn yet superb place for any historian. Tour with the audiotape brings the Abbey to life.  My favourite part - the stunning stained glass window honouring the armed forces who defended Britain so well in two World Wars.  Tracey loved the quiet and tranquility of the Abbey Cloisters and the feeling of age  in that area.
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