Salzburg - early morning. looking towards  the Old Town. The gardens on the right bank belong to the Mirabell Palace
From Hohensalzburg Fortress looking down over the Old Town and the Cathedral with a copper roof. The Cathedral has been partially rebuilt after damage sustained in World War 2.  It is very sumptuous and decorative.  The crypts below the cathedral were open for viewing - very eerie and cold, although well-lit.
Mirabell Gardens - the start of the formal gardens (attached to the Mirabell Palace) through which we walked.  We also returned to these for a late picnic lunch.
Fortress of Hohensalzburg:  We travelled up the hill by the electric funicular railway built in 1891.This was once water driven. From the castle walls are superb vistas of the Austrian Alps, and of Salzburg itself.
Part of the Austrian Alps seen from the castle walls (see the fairytale castle tower in the right hand lower corner)
Hoher Stauffen (1782m) is the highest peak of the three shown here.The views from the castle walls were superb

A beautiful fountain hidden in Kapitelplatz one of the squares of the Salzburg Old Town area. The Kapitel Horsepond fountain shows four horses rising from the waves (basin of the fountain).
Vienna .
We stayed at an hotel in the area next to the University at Spittelau.  This grandiose structure is a refuse burning plant, decorated in superb modern style by Hundertwasser.  It loks like a fun factory children's play area.
Hundertwasser House and adjoining shopping area, decorated by Viennese artist Friedenreich Hundertwasser in 1985. This building houses Council Residential apartments.
In contrast the formal buildings of Vienna were beautifully proportioned and elegantly decorated. This is the Vienna State Opera House (undergoing external cleaning).  The interior of this building is superbly decorated and very richly ornate in places. The Opera  Hall is of maginificent size, horseshoe shaped with five balconies, including a standing only area with cheap tickets (to make music affordable for all). The most magnificent ornate marble staircases lead to richly decorated rooms and reception areas.
St Michael's Square - leading to the stables of the  Winter Riding School.  On the left, Loos House built in 1910 with a simple modern facade contrasts to the formal architecture of the St Michael's Tract and copperdomed church.
A superb example of New Gothic buildiungs is the City Hall with its fine spires, and ornate balconies and  arched window openings. Thetallest spire (98m) is topped by a figure known as the Rathausmann (City Hall Man).

We had dinner at the restaurant in the basement of the City Hall-  a superb meal.  After, we walked through the outdoor gathering - a concert and film showing.  Hundreds of people gathered to sing, to chat, to party in the City Hall grounds.
More people wandered the parks and streets.

TheVotive  twin spired church.  The spires are so finely crafted they look like wedding cake decorations.
I want a carport like this.  This is the inside of the Carriage entrance to the Hofburg Palace.

Vienna Hofburg Palace
Mozart's statue and treble clef garden in his memorial garden
Superb gardens at Schonbrunn.  Designs were accentuated by the use of small  red and white flowering shrubs. Formal topiary gardens are in the background, andclose by alpine gardens .
The Butterfly House
We waited for 20 minutes to enter the Butterfly House while the receptionist talked on the phone.  Eventually we left, disappointed at not being able to see this magnificent collection.
Natural history museum and Zoo information still under construction