Bobby Socks was a stunning bay colt with four white socks and an interesting crown star and nose snip. He has similar markings to his sire, Darbonne, a son of Danehill.

Bobby Socks at one week old.
He was born on  20 August 1999 
and is by  Darbonne out of Noble Cascade, a River Rough filly.
He paces beautifully and stands proudly and is full of fun. Bobby is always chasing Rob around the yard, and likes to move at full stretch wherever he goes.
 Beware his teeth, as he likes to nip any  unwary bystander.
Bobby's favourite thing of all is eating - whether food, hay or just the odd finger or arm of anyone passing.  He has the quickest of reflexes - so be on your guard.
Bobby has lost all his foal hair, and has a very fine silky coat.  He loves to show off his beautiful white markings. He has been separated from the other foals to keep company with Hercules and Jessie in their paddock.
Bobby moves as if he is floating through the air. He is so elegant and yet can change direction and pace at the wink of an eye. Flying changes are pure poetry to watch.

Look at his conformation, and what a rump!!

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