Katie is a pretty blood bay filly foal with one white anklet  and a noticeable  'icecream cone' blaze.
She was born on 15 September 1999  and is the first filly (third foal)  for Sparkling Romance. Here she is racing around the paddock just before feed time.
 She likes her back being scratched, and her tummy tickled. She has just started mixing with the other foals in the open paddock, and is the fastest  sprinter in the field.
Katie is very curious and is a "people" horse.  She even wants to look into the camera, help carry the manure bucket and would wear Rob's cap if it fitted.
Rob with Katie.  She loves her chest being tickled - then she kicks up and loops the loop around her paddock. 
For all her endearing qualities, Katie is also very stubborn and determined to have her own way. She just HATED having a bath!  It was a real battle!
Luckily, Tracey has patience and trained Katie slowly into having a full bath with no tantrums.
Having lost all her foal hair, she is now showing her true colours - a rich blood bay, with a white blaze and one white anklesock - and just look at that rump!!!
What a beautiful filly!!!
Katie aged 18 months.
Created by Sandie Hill.
Updated on 1 May 2001
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