Matilda is a shy bay filly with one short white sock, and four dark legs.

Matilda at one hour old, almost steady on her feet.

She was born on  26 August 1999  at 8.30 am and is the first foal for Groovey Queen. Matilda is a very reserved, quiet foal, very ladylike.
Matilda is very shy, and spends most of her time with her mum.  She has just started mixing with the other foals.
Feed time, and Matilda loves to put her head in the feed bin, and the hay net. She even bosses her mum at meal times.
Matilda is becoming more confident around the other horses, and now is quite happy to leave Mum on her own. Tilly has a voracious appetite and is always hungry!!!
  In contrast to Katie, Matilda loves having a bath.  She stands with ears pricked waiting for more.  Matilda has lost almost all her foal hair, has a magnificent shape and is a pale bay with one rear white hoof. 

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